Hello! You've found the page about my Electric Go-Kart (or cart)!

This will soon detail the construction of my 48V Electric Go-kart! In the meantime you can find some images at http://electric-gokart.kicks-ass.net/images/ Note: the most recent pictures will be at end of the thumbnails, as they are in order of the construction of the kart.

Plans for the frame can be downloaded here: Part 1, Part 2 and also the original article that inspired me to build the kart.

You can also download all of the images in one ZIP file: egk.zip (6.94MB)

Basically, it uses a 48V electric motor that originally drove the mast of an electric forklift. It has 4 flooded 12V deep cycle batteries and the motor is soon to be controlled by a homemade 250amp PWM motor controller, which will also be detailed here.

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